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 Welcome to the SIM Inc. website. At SIM Inc., we are providers for almost everything for wide format digital printing. From solvent inkjet printers to RIP software, to accessories and supplies, we are here to provide you with the means to help you develop your wide format business. Through this website, you can access information on our newest solvent inkjet printers, download free demo software, order accessories, and even receive technical support for our products.

 Printing is something that can help a business run smoothly. Yes you can keep your files in order on a computer. However, sometimes it is nice to have a backup. Plus, you may need to give a client a record of information or a proposal. Or if you are printing out ideas for a project to show a client you will want to make sure it is the best quality printing. You don’t want the brilliance of your idea to be undermined buy an unclear presentation. That is all assuming you have a business to run.

 There are many other areas of life were a good quality printer could make a huge difference. For example, if you are student. You just spent the last 72 hours on a term paper and then your printer wont work or prints unevenly making the paper hard to read. This could be one of the most frustrating things ever, and might get in the way of your teacher fully understanding the amazing ideas you have brought together. Or what if you just want to print out some pictures to put up on your wall or give as gifts? The details matter. High quality, reliable printing can make your quality of life better.

 With a wealth of information to help you with wide format digital printers and wide format digital printing, our brand new site brings the entire SIM family together. Now with tech support pages, a knowledge base, and a forum, our new site makes it possible for all owners of DGI equipment to converse and learn. Also, with the incorporation of the SIM Magic Catalog, our on-line store, you can order parts and supplies from the Internet. Our mission is to make your wide format digital printing jobs as simple as possible. We are the Master Distributor of DGI "True Solvent" Inkjet Printers in the United States, but Steward of international Marketing, Inc. (SIM Inc.) is so much more.

 SIM, Inc. is an authorized Master Distributor for DGI (Digital Graphics Incorporation) large format digital printing equipment. DGI manufactures and produces the finest solvent and oil based inkjet printers to produce beautifully vibrant, and durable prints perfect for outdoor signs and banners. DGI Inkjet Printers utilize Xaar piezoelectric print heads, providing the end user quality results with less maintenance.

 Making sure your digital printing is of the highest possible quality can make a huge difference. We can help you with all of these projects to help your accomplish your goal and get your message out. We will make your newsletter format project look perfectly professional. The crisp, cleanness of our printing will let your work shine through.

 Quality printing is important in some very unlikely places. For example, jobs are in high demand at the moment. Of course what is in your resume is the most important point. However, when there are countless highly capable and qualified people all applying for the same job a little extra refinement never hurt. Maybe you will get a second look from your professional printed project manager resume, and will get the job instead of the other equally qualified applicants who gave less thought to the appearance of their professional resume.

 Imagine if you are applying for a human resources position, and you have taken the HR class. You feel ready for your new career only to discover there are hundreds of other qualified applicants also ready for their new life as a human resource department manager. Do whatever you can to boost the likely hood of getting noticed by the hiring committee.

 There are lots of other unexpected places that quality printing can really make a difference as well. What if you have a network marketing internet business that is trying to get the work out about your companies undervalued stocks or your money options? Or for that matter, you could be trying to get the work out about anything having to do with your business. You obviously will have the web side of your marketing taken care of. However, marketing works best when it utilizes lots of different outlets. Perhaps you need something to mail out information to people. At some point everyone has to interact with the world directly, and that is where high quality printing comes in to help you put your best foot forward. You only get one chance to make a first impression. So make one that you can be proud of with our quality printing.

 Please browse through this site, and see how SIM Inc. can help you with all of your wide format needs.

 At SIM Inc., we are aiming to supply you with the best in the world!!!

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